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The world is wondrous, changeable, too wild and formidable.

We want to go out into the world to experience how fantastic it is. We want to understand other people and other cultures. We do this by packing our bikes and heading into the heart of foreign countries, cultures, people. 

It is a highly addictive and very rewarding way to travel when we set off with only a few things in our bags and welcoming smiles on our faces.

Bikepacking has won our hearts. Here, all our passions merge into a higher unity. Our enthusiasm for cycling challenging terrain. 

To get out into distant parts of the world map. To head up the highest mountain passes and into the empty desert. To challenge ourselves physically. Living minimalistically. To get close to ordinary people, in unusual corners of the world.

We make lectures, articles, podcasts, etc., about our biggest trips. We bring home the best stories about the world and share joys and sorrows, ups and downs, magnificent nature experiences and close encounters with new friends. Sharing them with others is an important part of our journeys.

We hope that you will experience our enthusiasm for the journeys through our photos and blog posts on this page. And you are welcome to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can book us for lectures by write to us