Lecture - Bikepacking

Right now we are living another dream on the bikes. We are on our way from the North Cape to South Africa. An adventure we call "Cape to Cape" and which you can follow here on the page, and on our Instagram and Facebook.

That means you can book us for lectures from January 2025. But write to us already now if you want to hear more...

The two lectures we offer are:

Foredrag Bikepacking

From the Land of Fire to the Sea of Ice
A 30,500km bike ride from the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia, in Argentina, to Anchorage in Alaska. We cycled through 15 countries, over 21 months, on 2 continents.
In the lecture, we talk about the great nature, about the overwhelming hospitality, about the freedom that is difficult to understand until you actually grasp it, about cultural differences along the way and about what it's like to sit on a bicycle saddle for almost 2 years. For the lecture, we show lots of beautiful pictures, so you really feel like you're along for the ride.

Chapter to chapter
We can promise that it will be a lecture full of contrasts with the everyday life we know in Denmark.
The lecture is about the project we are currently working on, namely cycling from the Nordkapp in Norway to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Again we cross two continents, with a world of difference. We promise it will be an exciting story.

The lectures are addressed to everyone, not just cycling enthusiasts, but to everyone who is interested in the world we live in. We share our open and honest opinions and experiences about the countries we visit. And about ourselves. We put the experiences in perspective, to our own lives here at home in Denmark.

We hope to inspire and fascinate everyone who listens.

Nordkapp til Kap Det Gode Håb


Jesper Aarslew-JensenTrailstars Falster
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“Bikepacking under the skin. Really a fantastic experience to have Bikepackers visiting. Kenneth and Marie complemented each other well with several individual stories from their trip. Even without the great interest in cycling, their lecture was very interesting.”
Mette Ehlers MikkelsenGlobetrotter, board member at Cafe Globen
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"I enjoyed having Marie and Kenneth in and giving lectures at the travel cafe Café Globen. Their photos are beautiful, and their story exciting. Most of all, they remain for me as two really nice people, who I wish will go well with exciting trips in the future. Two who tell good stories about the people they met, the nature they experienced and how it all affected them.”
Bjorn HarvigFormer chairman of the Adventurer's Club and host of the podcast Den Yderste Gränse.
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"Kenneth and Marie's excellent lecture is a great inspiration. May their infectious positive energy and curiosity about the world and strangers remind us all that life can be lived in many different ways. Long live freedom on two wheels!”
Robert NordenhofBjerge Skov MTB club
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“A riveting lecture about an absolutely fantastic cycling adventure. It must be experienced!!”
Mikkel Dal HerAdventurer and organizer of Adventurous Souls Festival
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"Kenneth and Marie radiate energy and zest for life. They have traveled by bicycle in the farthest corners of the world in breathtaking mountain landscapes and have a large share in the growing Danish bikepacking community. You can expect a lecture with great passion for the cycling adventure, which touches on the encounter with other cultures and the magnificent nature. On stage, Kenneth and Marie are authentic and humble, just as they are when they are not in the spotlight.”
Michael JensenCommissioner of Police
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"I booked Marie and Kenneth for a themed day with 40 employees. With fantastic storytelling techniques and the story of their exciting journey, they held my entire team's interest from start to finish - and that's rare. Can be highly recommended.”
Martin MarchadoDGI
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“As part of the adventure, but beware. You will want more…! When Marie and Kenneth talk about their experiences, on the country road, in the mountains, on single tracks or where they can magically get their bikes to, you experience it up close. Alive and affected, they tell about the many exciting experiences that the many hours in the saddle provide. Both with a focus on nature, people they meet along the way, but also in a cultural light contrasted with little Denmark. The feeling of wanting more adventure does not diminish after a lecture with Marie and Kenneth. Fantastic and completely unimaginable commitment to cycling, is delivered from the stage. The only problem is you'll want more (and maybe your own adventure).”